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What Can I do With an Acting Emphasis

There is a lot more to acting than just memorizing lines and sitting in front of a camera. Actors learn to convince, to communicate, and to perform. They learn how to sell, create, and innovate. Actors are incredibly versatile on set and off, and there is plenty of things you can do with an acting degree that don’t involve acting.

But before you do all of that, you’ll need some training. Let’s talk about what you’ll learn with CCH’s acting program.

The Specifics

At CCH we teach our students how to do more than just act because truly exceptional actors know the film world inside and out. As a student pursuing an emphasis in acting, you will explore all facets of the film industry; from screenwriting to editing to sound design, you will explore it all, gaining insights that will allow you to truly understand the process of filmmaking. In terms of acting itself, you will learn:


  • Research, develop, and perform characters true to the essence of the text.
  • Exhibit effective memory in the performance of characters and content.
  • Demonstrate effectively the intent of “beats” and lines.
  • Identify and bring to life the event of the scene.
  • Cogently express the objective of the narrative and the arc of the narrative.
  • Utilize their body and voice as instruments for performance.
  • Differentiate between acting for stage and camera and demonstrate this effectively.
  • Work as a part of the whole whether the lead or a bit player in the production.
  • Create dialogue, characters, action and story in an improvisational setting.
  • Utilize the rehearsal process effectively; be effective in the absence of rehearsal.
  • Navigate the business of acting.

With these skills in hand, you will be on your way to making a career out of acting. You can confidently walk into any audition room knowing that industry professionals guided your curriculum and training. And knowing more about the film world than just what do while in front of a camera will give you an edge over your competitors.

What’s Next

As stated, there is a lot that can be done with an acting degree. Many actors possess the skills necessary to go into sales, human resources, public speaking, and marketing. But if you are shooting for the dream, below are a few of the more popular careers a student pursuing an acting emphasis can achieve.


  • Actor (film)
  • Actor (TV)
  • Actor (Commercial)
  • Character Actor
  • Actor (Theme Park Attractions)
  • Line Reader
  • Anchor/Host
  • Casting Associate
  • Reporter
  • Modeling
  • Voiceover Artist
  • Actor (Theatre)

As acting gigs come and go, some people opt to become part-time actors later in life. Don’t be afraid to explore other areas of interests where your talents might be useful. You might be surprised to find how many unique ways you can put your passion to work.

Want to learn more about the careers that could be open to you in film? Click below and Download our Film Career Guide!

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