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What Can I do With a Writing Emphasis

The work of writers is around us all day everyday. Every word on a webpage and sentence on a sign. Every news story, article, and blog post. Every book, magazine, and movie, were written by writers. It is easy to accept these words without considering the people behind them, but the writers are there; the hidden creators of the world.

But still, with all of this writing everywhere, it isn’t easy to become a writer (or a good one anyway). How can you make your words stick out among all the other noise? This is the question we have tried to answer with our writing program emphasis. Take a look at what you could learn below

The Specifics

It seems like learning the craft of writing would be rather simple. Practice writing, that’s it…right? If only everything were that easy. Just like learning anything else in the world, there are subtle nuances and practices that must be perfected to become truly great. Below isĀ what our program teaches.

  • Break down a text to understand the beats, the intent of the line, the event of the scene and its objective.
  • Communicate the aforementioned elements to actors; and utilize a variety of acting techniques to aid the actor in finding character and giving the finest performance possible.
  • Determine casting requirements.
  • Plan shot selection and coverage to express the visual needs of a script.
  • Communicate with film department heads and select such key elements as art direction, props, and cinematography.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work within a film budget and manage time, equipment, and location limitations.
  • Take a leadership position in executing the production of a film.
  • Utilize editing to set the pace and tone of a film.
  • Analyze and speak with critical acumen about the work of other filmmakers.
  • Analyze and describe the challenges and logistics involved in safely producing an action sequence.
  • Create various genres through the performances of actors.

Applying Your Craft

After you have these skills, how do you apply them? Well, as was mentioned, writers are everywhere. You can apply your artistry to things like blogging, public relations, content writing, communication, or even writing a book of your own. Our emphasis focuses on film however, so below are a list of the popular film-related careers is writing.

As you can see, there is more to writing than just well….writing, and you can do all kinds of things with an emphasis in it. Explore your creativity and style while diving head first into the film world by studying at CCH. If you’re ready to become a writer, download our application checklist below and get started with us!

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