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What Can I do with a New Media Emphasis

Whether you know it or not, you have probably been interacting with new media your entire life. Blogs, podcasts, online videos, social media websites, pretty much any form of 21st century communicative expression is considered New Media. Businesses everywhere are realizing that digital communication is here to stay and are taking full advantage of the transition by creating online content, developing apps, and improving their websites.

With this push for digital creation has come a huge opportunity for those passionate about film as well as digital art and communication. The New Media major was designed to help these students learn all aspects of the film world, and apply them to the online forum.

The Specifics

The average New Media emphasis program should teach you the basics of web programming and design as well as provide you with training in brand story telling. You should become comfortable implementing your film skills in the business world through an online medium. Below is a list of CCH’s specific learning outcomes for a New Media Emphasis

  • Create and launch web-based content.
  • Use the terminology of and navigate the business of New Media.
  • Write scripts geared for the aesthetic of New Media.
  • Demonstrate adeptness in selling products, concepts, and content effectively no matter how short the time allotted.
  • Design web sites that display current and potentially future trends.
  • Create a narrative arc for a webisode series.
  • Plan and execute production for a variety of New Media “screens.”
  • “Tell a story” that disregards the “rules” of traditional narratives.
  • Create and execute content for mobile devices and other non-traditional methods of delivery.
  • Use “social media” to entertain, inform, and as a revenue source. So you know what you’ll learn, but what career opportunities will you have with a major in New Media? A new media major has opportunities across the board career wise. From web content writing, to video creation. Below are some of the more popular career opportunities in New Media.

What’s Next?

The combination of film and New Media may seem like an odd one, but with online marketing becoming more and more prevalent, business are in high demand for individuals who have experience with things like editing, design, and visual effects. Below are some of the top career options for graduates with a New Media Emphasis.

Sound Good?

Think a New Media Emphasis could be for you? Click below to take our Film Emphases Quiz! After answering a few short questions, you’ll be matched with an emphasis based on your interests and personality traits.

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