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Want to Transfer to CCH? Don’t Worry, We Can Help!

Making the decision to transfer can be hard, but transferring doesn’t have to be. Whether your current school doesn’t fit your needs or you are simply looking for a little change, we want to help make your transfer process as smooth as possible. It doesn’t have to be chaotic, it doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact, transferring should be exciting! Starting a new chapter in your life is something you should be able to enjoy. And we want to ensure that you do just that!

What can CCH do for you?

Part of what makes transferring so hard is a lack of information and communication. In order to prevent these things from happening we want to help you understand how our transferring process works. Let’s start with applying.

For the most part going through the application process as a transfer student should be familiar to you, because it really isn’t all that different than applying to a college the first time around.

  1. Submit your application via Common App.
  2. Prepare a personal essay
  3. Send us an official copy of your transcript
  4. Interview with us

Nothing too crazy right?

Wrong‘ is what you’re probably thinking. I mean sure transcripts were easy enough to send in when you were applying in high school, but now you have to worry about what credits will transfer, and what they will transfer as, and if CCH even has an equivalent, and is the school just going to throw away your hard work. Don’t worry! We can help!

We know that credits transferring is a huge point of stress. After all, no one likes to feel like they have wasted their money or their time. And we don’t think anyone should have to.

Things You Can do to Ensure Your Credits Transfer

1. Convert your Credits

At CCH we operate on a quarter-hour credit system. Basically, what this means is that credits transferring from a semester-hour credit system will equate to 1.5 of hour quarter-hour credits. Below is a guide that you might mind helpful:

  • 1 Semester-Hour Credit = 1.5 CCH Quarter-Hour Credits
  • 1.5 Semester-Hour Credits = 2.25 CCH Quarter-Hour Credits
  • 2 Semester-Hour Credits = 3.0 CCH Quarter-Hour Credits
  • 3 Semester-Hour Credits = 4.5 CCH Quarter-Hour Credits

Make sure that you convert all of your credits to our credit system before doing anything else! Regardless of if you plan on transferring a credit or not, converting first will make everything else easier.

2. Know How Many Credits You Can Transfer

Most colleges have a limit on how many credits you are able to transfer to their school. At CCH you are able to transfer half of the number of credits that your degree requires. For example:

If you are going for a bachelors degree in the fine arts you can transfer 96 quarter-hour credits. Because in order to complete the CCH Fine Arts Bachelor’s degree you must have 192 quarter-hour credits.

This is why converting your credits is so important. You cannot transfer 96 semester-hour credits. You can transfer 61 semester-hour credits.

3. Know what credits you can transfer and how they will transfer

In order to figure out if you can transfer a credit, start by making sure you have achieved a “C” (2.0) or higher in the class. If you have not, we cannot accept the credit.

Next you need to figure out how your credit will transfer to CCH. Certain credits will transfer perfectly because we will have an equivalent class for them to match up with. But other credits may transfer as different courses, less credits, or not transfer at all. No one wants a surprise like that.

If you are transferring from Beijing Film Academy, or The Los Angeles Film School, your credits will transfer seamlessly (they are friends of ours). If you are not, that’s fine because we’ve also prepared unofficial transfer templates for other institutions to show your courses transfer to applicable courses at CCH!

If you want us to create a transfer template for your institution contact us at

Like I said, transferring doesn’t have to be painful. Your journey to becoming a CCH student can be a simple and fun one! Download our Free Application Checklist, and check things off as you go!

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