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Top 10 Scholarship Resources

One of the biggest concerns students have when deciding on a college is the price. College is expensive and student loan debt is no joke. No matter where you decide to go, we want you to have every possible resource available to you in your educational journey.

Below is a list of scholarship resources you can use to help you pay for your education. These sites will help you navigate through the process of finding scholarships that fit your needs. Many allow you to search by category or directly type in the kind of scholarship you’re searching for. Some require that you sign up for an account first, but all are free.

This site allows you to search directly for scholarships by name, by what’s newest, and by what is most popular. With updates on what scholarships have just been released and what scholarships many other students are applying for, you should have a good idea of where to focus your efforts.


Chegg provides a simple list of scholarships along with their deadlines and the amount of money they offer. You can scan the list and save the scholarships that interest you!

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae, while requiring registration, allows you to set up a unique profile. Once the profile is set, the site matches you with scholarships that align with your profile

Lucille Roybal-Allard’s Scholarship Guide

This comprehensive guide allows you to check for scholarships by the month of their deadline. It is perfect when trying to schedule and plan for the work some scholarships require.


Fastweb is another site that requires you sign up for an account, however, once you sign up, a profile is automatically made for you and you are matched with scholarships. You can specify in your profile your schools of interest, sports you play, and schools you are interested in.


Unigo offers options for both scholarships and financial aid, but like Fastweb, requires that you make an account. Spliting scholarships into categories such as athletic-based, academic-based, merit-based, college-specific, and more

Scholarship Points gives you the opportunity to complete surveys and other tasks to win points and enter into random scholarship drawings. It doesn’t require much work and is a good way to supplement your other efforts. requires you to fill out an extensive profile, but it is well worth the time. With access to over 3 million scholarships, you are sure to find plenty of opportunities that fit your needs

While not as useful in terms of finding scholarships as some of the other sites mentioned, provides useful information on scholarships as well as financial aid and loans.

Unlike many of the other top scholarship search sites, does not require you to make an account or match you with particular scholarships. This makes it harder to find the scholarships that might interest you but allows you to get a goo idea of what is out there.


College doesn’t have to expensive. With these resources and a little hard work, you can make an investment in your future that won’t require taking out gigantic student loans.

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