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These Alternate Summer Plans Might Surprise You

Want your summer to turn into something more valuable than a trip to the beach? Consider this college-level program just for high school students.

Though the school year is well underway, you might already be thinking about your summer checklist: a trip to the beach, sleeping in, hanging out poolside, maybe getting a part-time job.

But there’s another exciting option—a summer program to get a head start on college and your career in film.

At Columbia College Hollywood, our High School Summer Program is your opportunity to spend your summer studying acting, directing, film editing, and screenwriting from experienced professionals – and so much more. Spoiler alert: you still get to have fun!

Want to learn more? Let’s play a game of “Would You Rather” to help you think differently about your future summer plans.

Would you rather…

Earn Minimum Wage or Earn College Credits?

This summer, you could get a part-time job to waiting tables or working retail (both responsible choices) to earn some extra spending money. Or you could start earning college credit right away while you study what you love.

By participating in our summer program, you’ll not only gain college-level experience, but you can also earn college credit for every summer program course you complete.

Snap Pics for Instagram or Film Your Own Reel?

Snapping the perfect sunset. Getting all your friends in on a video that’s totally viral material. Finding just the right filter to show off your adventures.

These skills would be great in college, but why not start now, while you’re still in high school? This summer, you can explore courses in digital film production, cinematography, visual effects, and editing—even advanced digital film production later on.

Play with a range of industry-standard equipment and add new skills to your digital storytelling toolkit. Just imagine how impressive your Instagram feed will look!

Hang with Friends or Have a Hands-On Learning Experience?

This is a trick question. In our summer program, you’ll get to do BOTH!.  You’ll be fully immersed in one (or several) college-level courses in acting, digital filmmaking, and screenwriting,  but you’ll also have plenty of time to explore and hang out with new friends.

You’ll experience Los Angeles and Hollywood like an insider while you collaborate with other high school filmmakers, actors, and creatives from across the world. You’ll live, work, and play with people who care about entertainment just as much as you do.

What else can you do outside of class? Take field trips. Collaborate with your classmates. Write, rehearse, and brainstorm together. There might even be time to hang out poolside after all!

If you’re ready to start your summer at Columbia College Hollywood, apply now. Still not sure? Check out this highlight reel and get a glimpse inside our High School Summer Program.

This blog is a collaborative effort by Columbia College Hollywood staff and administration who want to share their knowledge with the film school community and prospective students.

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