A student's perspective on getting a jumpstart on your career while still in school

Brent Lammers is a Sophomore pursuing his BFA at Columbia College Hollywood and has secured two internships through the CCH Career Development Department.  We asked Brent to share some of his journey with us. 

We give you the key, you unlock the possibilities

Part of what separates Columbia College Hollywood from other creative schools is our commitment to help students create a success plan for landing careers when they graduate.  When we think about students who are just as focused on positive outcomes as we are, the name Brent Lammers comes to mind.  In his freshman year, with the help and guidance of our Career Development team, Brent landed two internships.  We took a moment to catch up with Brent to learn more about his experience and journey thus far.

The Interview

Brent’s decision to go to film school was a natural choice for him.  After attending a selective film academy while in high school, he had his heart set on going into the film industry.  “When the time came to discover how I would funnel my perpetually growing passion for storytelling; through higher education, there were many options to explore. Without a doubt, there’s an overwhelming amount of plausible paths for young filmmakers initiating their journey. Although some prefer a larger and more generalized education, to me, the ability to have ‘real world’ working experience throughout college is a privilege beyond recognition”.  He wasn’t able to get into his top film school choice because his grades weren’t as competitive as he needed them to be, but determined to pursue his passion, he searched film schools online and CCH came up as the only regionally accredited “strictly” film school.  

His decision to attend CCH was solidified after attending an open house event at CCH.  Overall, the school appealed to him, but what really helped him make his final decision was the moment he met and talked to the  Director of Career Development because he could gauge her passion for helping students succeed. Of his experience with her, he had this to add, “most of my peers, including myself, are fortunate enough to have a pretty refined idea of our career related aspirations. Perhaps this is the nature of a creative industry in which the lines are blurred between work and play. In any case, the hard-working and determined career development team at CCH, certainly has steered me towards an unpredictable amount of traction and success in the business. Before setting foot in Kelley Lewis’s office for the first time, I didn’t even know what a resume looked like. After a couple meetings, and then a couple more, before I knew it, she had helped me score my first gig”.

He has now completed an internship with CreatorUp, and has also interviewed for a second internship, which is currently on hold until the fall.  One of the things the  internship taught him  is how much collaboration is really involved in producing a film.  About that Lammer’s said, “sometimes when you’re focused on one thing you don’t realize how much collaboration is needed on the bigger scale, and that was really exciting for him to see and learn firsthand”. 

He has also been really amazed by what he’s been allowed to learn at CCH noting that, “my first quarter, my jaw would drop all of the time.  I would sit back and think, wow, this is a school”.  One of his favorite projects that he worked on, right at the beginning, was for his Editing 1 class.  “We were asked to take any movie we wanted and cut it into a music video to tell a different story then what it originally told.  It was really cool to see what I could do with editing software”.  

When asked about what are some of the key elements of his success, Lammers said,  “the unpaid internship position, along with a couple others, gave me enough exposure to attempt a quarter-long internship for credit. I ended up loving my roles as a Post Production Intern with CreatorUp, and was willing to put in the hard work and hours that are sometimes unsaid, yet demanded in our industry. Finishing up the last couple weeks of that internship remotely was far from an easy transition, however it led to them offering me a freelancing paid position as a Remote Assistant Editor. When that project wrapped, I suppose our professional relationship only grew stronger. CreatorUp has most recently brought me on to have more of an active role, aiding in producing and quality control with a massive 1250 minute-long training course. The contract for this one is currently in the works, but it’s safe to say it’s the single biggest leap I’ve taken in my journey to date. I credit every last bit of my success thus far to the fabulous formula of ambition, hard work, and most importantly the resources given to me by CCH career development”.

We applaud Brent’s tenacity and dedication, which we are sure will get him far.

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