Online Graphic Design + Interactive Media

Semester Start

August 15


4 years

Pursue your graphic design dream

  • Master brand storytelling from industry experts
  • 24/7 asynchronous classes coupled with live sessions with professors
  • Highly collaborative classes that mimic a real-world work environment
  • Transfer credits accepted
  • No SAT/ACT scores required
  • Non-profit institution with accreditation from WASC
  • Reduced tuition for active-duty military and veterans

Upcoming Start Dates for the Online Graphic Design BFA:

  • August 15, 2022

Program Overview

The Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design + Interactive Media (GDIM) is a rigorous program. It is designed to prepare students for their careers by combining design and aesthetics studies with real-world, practical experiences. Students work with the professional tools, technologies, processes, creative skills, and collaborative workflows used in designing for both digital and traditional media.

Why do the online program?

The online degree program provides a measure of flexibility in both location and timing.

This program is designed to have a high level of interactivity with professors and with classmates. While class sessions are asynchronous, students also have access to frequent live sessions with professors for feedback and direction. Frequent collaboration with classmates on assigned projects is expected, as the program is designed to closely mimic the industry.

The Graphic Design program focuses on graphic design and implementation using a wide variety of delivery methods and distribution channels, including print, package, and screen.

Using real-world professional workflow, students take original ideas, move to logo and style production, then build complete campaigns. The curriculum includes immersive courses in typography, motion graphics, package design, and branding to prepare students for creative careers in graphic design.

How long will it take?

Time to Completion

What are classes like?

All courses are taught by a distinguished faculty of artists, designers, and creative professionals, many of whom continue to work in the design and digital marketing industries. As a student you’ll learn to take original ideas from concept to finished product in project-based courses that explore:

  • Brand identity
  • User experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI)
  • Collateral design
  • Advertising
  • Responsive web design
  • Experiential design
  • Motion graphics
  • Virtual reality

A broad foundation of liberal arts and sciences will give you intellectual exposure to the wider world of thought and ideas that enable critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and the ability to communicate original designs, ideas, and opinions effectively. By the end of the program, you’ll develop a cohesive, industry-ready professional portfolio showcasing your unique talents and your ability to communicate visually via multiple channels of media.

Graphic Design Program Requirements

Tuition and Fees

Degree Program Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 48 Credits
Online BFA GDIM $1,146 $286 $13,750
Online BFA GDIM – Active Duty Military & Veterans $938 $234 $11,250

*Online BFA in Graphic Design students are not eligible for any California College of ASU-provided scholarships.

Career Outlook

The BFA GDIM program prepares you for a wide range of creative roles in advertising and marketing agencies, consultancy firms, and companies of all sizes. Most important, you’ll acquire the essential, practical skills, experience, and knowledge you need to develop your own projects and create your own entrepreneurial career path as a graphic designer.

Here are a few roles you can pursue as a graphic design major:

Graphic Designer

Quick Facts:

  • Median pay in 2020: $53,380 per year (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Job opportunities as a freelancer or for companies in a variety of industries
  • Expertise in brand storytelling, visual and interactive design, and project management

Not the most surprising career path for someone with a BFA in Graphic Design. Graphic designers are experts in brand storytelling. They use textual, visual, and interactive media to communicate to internal and external audiences.

Graphic designers work closely with other functions including product, sales, marketing, and executive teams to craft a compelling story for the company or product(s). You’ll use design thinking and problem-solving skills to develop and execute ideas that inform, inspire, and captivate audiences.

Creative/Art Director

Quick Facts:

  • Median pay in 2020: $97,270 per year (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Job opportunities in freelancing, advertising, public relations, entertainment, publishing and more
  • Expertise in brand storytelling, strategy, and project management

Art and creative directors lead creative teams. They are responsible for managing teams of designers, photographers, and other creative staff. You’ll determine the vision and strategy for a project, product, brand, or company.

The job involves managing skills, leadership, and often budgeting and time management abilities as well as creative vision. You’ll be the person people turn to find creative solutions to the brand’s biggest marketing challenges.

User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI) Designer

Quick Facts:

  • Median pay in 2020: $75,111 per year (
  • Job opportunities in freelancing, technology, entertainment, app development, and more
  • Expertise in brand storytelling, psychology, layout design, design thinking, and project management

UX designers make products (physical and digital), processes, and services seamless, enjoyable and intuitive for users. They must carefully consider how a user will interact with a product. This job blends psychology, design, and engineering together to deliver a product that delights the user.

A career as a UI/UX designer is particularly suited for technologically savvy designers and requires a blend of many skills. This career involves tons of out-of-the-box thinking, creative intuition, and a natural appreciation for smooth design.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the BFA in Graphic Design + Interactive Media, students will be able to:

  1. Implement design principles in all aspects of visual communication and design, from concept to final product.
  2. Utilize hardware and software tools and techniques of professional visual communication and design.
  3. Evaluate products of visual communication and design with regard to cultural influences and historical precedents.
  4. Apply knowledge of professional practices specific to visual communication and design industries.
  5. Exercise communication skills necessary to function in interdisciplinary teams and organizational structures.