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Need a Scary Movie to Watch this Halloween?

Columbia College Hollywood invites you to get ready for Halloween with the VOD & DVD release of our former student, Brandon Scullion’s feature: Consumption. Consumption was released earlier this year in the US and was recently released in both formats on October 10th in the UK market. It has been active on the festival circuit in recent years and had its world premiere at the United Festival in Los Angeles in September of2014.

Shot on location in Utah on a budget of $5K through Indiegogo, Brandon used his grandparent’s condo as the backdrop for this chilling feature. Originally titled, “Live-In Fear”, Consumption is about a group of friends that travel to the snowy mountains of Utah for a weekend retreat. What the rest of the group doesn’t know, is that one of them carries a very dark secret…one that will destroy their lives forever as they prepare to face an ancient, unstoppable evil that has been growing in the woods outside their winter resort, one that will soon grow inside them all.

The film has some notable names such as Arielle Brachfeld, who has gone on to star in several horror films, Sarah Greyson from MTV’s Road Rules and Maria Olsen who not only starred in the film, but was also a producer and an integral part of the film being made.

Brandon Scullion attended CCH from 2007-2011 with an emphasis in Directing. While at CCH, Brandon made several films with his thesis film being “The Black Guitar” starring Kaitlyn Jenkins from ABC Family’s (now FreeForm) series – “Bunheads”.

After leaving CCH, Brandon got an internship doing coverage with After Dark Films, a small horror production company and was later hired on as Office Manager. Brandon later took a position that put him in charge of acquisitions and film market/festival coordination for American Cinema International. He is currently working on horror feature film project titled, “December” that is currently in pre-production and looks to start shooting early next year.

We can’t wait to see your next project, Brandon! Like with all our Alumni and former CCH students, we encourage you to share your successes and projects with us so that we can show our current student body what kind of adventures await them post CCH!

Consumption available on Amazon (UK)

Consumption available on Amazon (US)

Runtime: 80 min

Starring: Sarah Greyson, Arielle Brachfeld, David Lautman, Chris Dorman, Myles Cranford, Geoffrey Gould and Maria Olsen.

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