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Fine Arts: Bachelor’s vs. Associate—What Do I Need for Each?

Generally when someone is referencing college, we think of the standard four year degree program. Our minds immediately jump to the Bachelor’s Degree, but that isn’t the only type of degree out there.

At CCH we offer both a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and an Associate of Fine Arts. We know that different students have different needs, and we want you to get the knowledge and experience that you are looking for. So what is the difference between these two degrees? What do you need for each?

CCH Bachelor’s of Fine Arts

Let’s start with the familiar—the Bachelor’s Degree.

As I’m sure you know a bachelor’s degree is the standard degree program. This means that in general, a full-time student will complete this degree in four years (if you want to gain more experience or try your hand in multiple fields, this could take a little longer).

CCH is on a quarter-hour credit system; different from many other colleges, which function on a semester-hour credit system. In order to complete a bachelor’s degree, students need to take 192 quarter-hour credits48 of which must be General Education courses. The other 144 credits will be geared towards your specific degree path, giving you plenty of time to focus on what is most important to you!

We offer a BFA in Cinema and a combined BFA of Cinema and Television Production. Because there is a broad array of studies that apply to the film industry, students choose a degree emphasis in addition to their major. Your choice of emphasis will allow us to narrow your studies to the subjects that interest you more!

You can pick any of the following as a degree emphasis:

Now that you have an idea of what a BFA at CCH looks like, let’s move to an associate degree.

CCH Associate of Fine Arts

An associate degree path puts you on a two year course instead of a 4 year course. In relation to our Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, our associate degree is pretty easy to understand. Taking half the time of a bachelor’s degree to achieve, students are required to complete half the amount of quarter-hour credits (96). Forty-eight of these must be General Education courses. The remaining will be Core Curriculum courses, or courses applying to your major.

Unlike our BFA program, students choosing to pursue an associate degree must major in Cinema and Television Productioninstead of having the option to major in just Cinema Production. We do this so that students will get the chance to explore both forms of production before making a concrete decision. You may think you know where you want to focus, but many students are surprised by what they end up dedicating themselves to.

Students also do not choose an emphasis when obtaining an associate degree.

Now that you know a little bit more about the degree programs we offer, you can choose which one is right for you! Maybe you would like to finish an associate and jump right into your field, maybe you are in it for the long haul, or maybe you are still unsure. Whatever your situation may be, we are here to help you achieve your education and career goals!

Want to start planning your degree path? Download our Free Application Checklist to see what you can do to get started!

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