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Film School = Hands-on Learning

What did you do in class today?
 Students at a traditional university might say that they sat in lectures for five hours and had to doodle pictures of cats to stay awake. Students at a film school might say that they shot and edited a film scene or worked on writing a screen play.

No boring lectures here!

As a school started by industry professionals to educate the next generation of industry professionals, we understand the importance of getting hands-on experience while developing your craft and artistic abilities.

We firmly believe that best way to learn is by actually doing, not just reading about it, which is why we put cameras in students’ hands their first term at CCH. We mean this literally and metaphorically because….

Film Industry Experience for All

Our hands-on courses aren’t just limited to the actual shooting of film. We offer courses in every area of the film industry, including acting, production, writing and visual effects. Some of the courses include:

So no matter your area of interest, you will be able to get valuable, hands-on experience.

Real Opinions from Real Students

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of our students had to say about their hands-on learning experience:

“When I found Columbia College Hollywood, I fell in love with the campus which has the essentials of a mini-studio lot where I could get my hands on equipment and start shooting.” -Maria Virginia Albornoz, Senior, Directing

” I love the hands-on curriculum where students start becoming familiar with equipment and on-set practices right away. “- Kelly Lokken, Junior, Cinematography

“CCH really does offer hands-on training right away. The producing classes take you through the whole, complex producing process in a very relatable way…” – Samantha Amoros, Senior, Producing

As you can see film school courses are a little bit different than courses at a more traditional university. But It’s not just course structure that sets these two types of schools apart from each other, but the application process as well. Film school applications require things like personal statements and portfolios. To learn more about the film school application process, download our Free Application Checklist!

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This blog is a collaborative effort by CCH staff and administration who want to share their knowledge with the film school community and prospective students.

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