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If you have read our post All About the Film Majors: Best Advice to Help You Make Your Choice, you might know how to choose your major, but before you choose, shouldn’t you know exactly what your major choices are?

What will you learn, what will you do, who will you be? Below is a list of our film majors, with a brief description to help you get a better idea of what each entails



Acting is the physical embodiment of art. It is literally human nature put on display. An actor brings unique expression and interpretation to a filmmaking narrative. If you choose to be an acting major, you will learn the fundamentals of character development, interpretation, voice, and much more. You will perform the work of other students, honing your skills through classes such as Acting on Camera and Voice: Accents.


A director is the true storyteller of film. The writer is the keeper of the story, the story is his/her own, but they are not the ones who tell it. Nor are the actors, who are simply participants in the story. The director tells the story. If you choose to be a directing major, you will learn how to combine all facets of the film world to create one cohesive work of art. You will guide the drama and conflict of the piece, deciding how best to tell the story you’ve been given. Through experience with directing projects, and classes such as Directing Actors, you will learn to develop your own style in every stage of the process.


As a writer, you will hold the roadmap to the film in your hands. You will decide every twist, turn, and maneuver a piece takes through your words and characters. You may not physically perform the story, but the story is yours. As a writing major you will take various screenwriting classes and delve into the different genres of film, allowing you to discover your own writing path and style.


Cinematography is the art of visual mood setting. Any scene can become immediately comical or tragic depending on the angle and lighting of a shot. If you decide that the cinematography path is for you, you will be tasked with guiding the director’s vision. Cinematographers are basically the Samwise Gamgee of film making. You may not be carrying the ring, but Frodo (and Middle Earth) would be screwed without you. Or in other words, you may not be telling the story, but it couldn’t be told without you.


Producers oversee the film making process. They are in charge of gathering and allocating funds, obtaining legal right to written works, gaining permission to film at specific locations; they make sure that when someone has a “crazy awesome idea” the idea is actually realistic. If you choose to major in producing, you will learn the skills necessary to run a professional film or digital set.

Editing and Visual Effects

We talk about timing in all aspects of our life. The timing of phrases and entrances (bad timing), the timing of jokes and punchlines (comedic timing), the timing of people entering and leaving our lives (relationship timing). The editor is the master of time in film. As an editor, you must piece together different scenes of existing footage, knowing when to end one scene and begin another. You will learn to operate industry programs and software, becoming an expert at analyzing footage to create the best film possible.


Sound is often overlooked by audiences, but anyone who has watched a film with bad sound knows the truth; sound is critical to a good film. A musical score can make or break a film and audio effects are no different. If you choose to be a sound major, you will learn to implement sound creatively. You will become an artist of noise, enacting the subtle nuances that take a film from good to “award winning.”

New Media

New Media is the study of digital mass communication through the use of social media platforms and other digital forums. A New Media major will learn the basics of film making, then learn to apply these skills to the development of things such as webisodes, blogs, web development, gaming, etc.

So, does your dream job include more than you thought? Or is it exactly what you expected? You now have the knowledge to move forward with your decision. What major will you choose?

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