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Columbia College Hollywood will be hosting a special film presentation of “The Precinct” Wednesday, November 30th at 7pm in the main theatre. Written and directed by Azerbaijani filmmaker Ilgar Safat, “The Precinct” is a story of a man’s confrontation with his own fears and weaknesses with his life hanging in the balance. The story is set in Baku Azerbaijan where Garib, a well-known nude model photographer decides to take one more assignment in Africa before his pending nuptials. His fiancée feels slighted as work has always come first, and this job conflicts with his wedding plans. As the couple sets off to the project, they are met with immediate conflict in the form of a car accident. Local police come to assist, but things aren’t what they seem. What should be a normal police precinct is clearly a gate to something bigger than Garib and his fiancée can imagine. The ominous police chief seems to know all about Garib’s past; his childhood, his memories and even worse, his darkest fears. It is there in the precinct that Garib must come face to face with these fears of intimacy or he may never leave…alive.

Ilgar Safat is not only a film director, but he is also a rock-singer and poet. He graduated from the Azerbaijan Pedagogical University in 1995 and also participated in the Higher Courses of Script-writers and Film Directors in Moscow at the studio of Khotinenko. Safat has had his films presented all across Eastern Europe and Russia. He served as a film director for the Far Eastern Newsreel Studio and in 2003 received acclaim and an award from the Governor of Khabarovsk province for his film “The Roots of the Sky”, which performed well in several Russian and International film festivals.

Safat has been added to the library in the American Museum of Natural History as well as added to the catalogue of the best ethnographic films in Germany. The Precinct was originally released in 2010 and represented Azerbaijan at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards for the title of Best Foreign Language Film.

Columbia College Hollywood is excited to be able to showcase this film to our students and to the public. The event will be moderated by esteemed CCH faculty member, John Morrissey and will have a brief presentation before and after by the filmmaker himself. The presentation will start at 7pm and will be held in the main theatre on the Columbia College Hollywood campus. Click below to RSVP and get a little more information!

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