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College Level Film Courses for High School Students

If you’ve read our blog posts “Our High School Sumer Program” and “High School Summer Program: FAQ” you should already know a little about the program we offer. However, we have yet to cover the courses that are open for students to take. And how can you really know if you want to be a part of a program if you don’t even know what you’ll be studying? Below is a full list of the courses that are open to High School Students who enroll in our program. But first…

What is a Summer Course all About?

Our High School Summer courses provided you with the oppotrunity to gain possible college and AP credit while exploring what truly matters to you: film. In these two-week courses you will be taught by industry professionals, using professional-level equipment and software, in the same facilities that by Columbia College Hollywood Bachelor of Fine Arts students use. Whether your interest is in acting, cinematography, directing, screenwriting, production, new media, or just film in general, we have courses for you.

Check out our full list below!

Acting for the Camera

Delve into the physical, vocal, and textual preparation required to interpret a script, create a character, audition, and perform in a wide range of film and television genres. You’ll have access to Columbia College Hollywood’s professional-quality cameras, lighting, studios, and theaters, as you gain valuable college-level acting experience.


Create a visual mood using a wide array of industry-standard lighting and camera equipment with individualized guidance from experienced professional Hollywood cinematographers. This is an immersive, hands-on course in which you’ll experience the real-world skills required to light and shoot digital films.

Digital Film Production

Learn how to express your own creative vision by producing professional quality digital films. You’ll experience the unique collaborative nature of digital storytelling as you produce, shoot, and edit projects using the same industry-standard gear, standing sets, digital editing suites, and production facilities used by Columbia College Hollywood grads who are now professional filmmakers.

Directing: Working with Actors

Experience the creative process from the actor’s point of view. You’ll analyze and break down scripts to understand characters, dialogue, and story, as you learn how the most successful directors develop a rapport with their actors. Then, get real-life experience with the casting process using the same professional-level facilities and equipment used by Columbia College Hollywood Bachelor of Fine Arts students.

Directing: Shooting on Set

Develop the essential, real-life skillset necessary to navigate a shooting set as director and crew. You’ll get hands-on experience using pro level equipment to block and stage action for the camera and make aesthetic choices in the moment on the same standing sets and studios used by Columbia College Hollywood Bachelor of Fine Arts students.


Immerse yourself in the real-life role of the digital film editor as you learn to tell screen stories in the most entertaining way possible. You’ll study the language and theory of editing then practice your skills by creating a demo reel in our industry-standard digital suites using the same editing software used by professional Hollywood editors.

Producing for New Media

Develop the essential skillset necessary to produce and launch web-based content for a variety of new media genres, including made-for-streaming series, games, and apps. You’ll write, shoot, and produce a pilot for your own original web series and crew on your classmates’ projects using the same industry-standard gear, sets, and facilities used by Columbia College Hollywood Bachelor of Fine Arts students.


Discover what it takes to write professional-quality screenplays that are sought after by Hollywood producers, agents, and development execs. You’ll delve into story structure and character development as you learn how to create memorable dialog, direct action with words, and convey your unique screen vision to a reader.

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Add new skills to your digital storytelling arsenal with this hands-on introduction to visual effects and motion graphics. You’ll learn the fundamentals of creating animated and digital content for films and new media productions on industry-standard gear and software used by professional digital artists in the same digital suites used by Columbia College Hollywood Bachelor of Arts in Editing/VFX students.

It is never to early to start preparing for college and now you can prepare for a career in film at the same time! If you’re interested in any of our workshops, click below to apply today.

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