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When you are living your dream you shine like a beacon and the world is drawn to you. Columbia College Hollywood is full of people pursuing their dreams, exploring their interests, and following their dreams, and as such, the media is interested in what we are up to. Below are just a few of the articles featuring CCH and its students.


         James Franco’s Course at CCH        

This Article covers James Franco’s course at CCH. The course is taught by Franco’s editor, Tyler Danna, but Franco partcipates in skype sessions with students to discuss his work and get involved with the students.                        


Variety Magezines 110 Students to Watch featuring 2 CCH students

In honor of its 110th anniversery, Variety Magezine decided to honor 110 talented film students. Among the upcomming filmmakers were CCH’s own John Berchtold and Marco Bottiglieri.


Los Angeles Times Article Featuring a CCH Student

With the inspiring story of CCH’s Lujuan Johnson, the Los Angeles Times highlighted the life of a U.S. naval soldier, discussing the discord of war and the pursuit of normalcy upon a soldier’s return home.



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