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CCH Guest Speaker Series: David Madden

CCH is excited to invite you to join us Thursday, November 17th in the Columbia College Hollywood Theater for an informative Q&A with our guest speaker David Madden in a panel moderated by Professor/Producer John Morrissey.

A Chicago native, David Madden graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and majored in English. He spent a year and a half doing post-graduate work in English Literature at UCLA. Madden’s journey through entertainment has taken him from Vice President of Production at Paramount Pictures where he supervised such films as “Fatal Attraction”, “The Naked Gun” and “The Untouchables” to a partner and producer at Interscope Communications where he developed films like “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle” and “Operation Dumbo Drop” starring Danny Glover and Ray Liotta.

He partnered up with Paramount Pictures and helped create the Cort/Madden Company where he co-produced the hits, “Runaway Bride” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as well as “The Out of Towners” with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn as well as several others and an Emmy Award nominated made for TV movie, “Something the Lord Made”. Madden has even directed a few projects: the Lifetime movie “A Part of the Family” and the Trimark Feature, “Separate Lives” starting Linda Hamilton and James Belushi.

Madden served 20th Century Fox as Vice President of production. While in that role, he supervised “Romancing the Stone,” “Jewel of the Nile,” “Revenge of the Nerds” and “The Fly.” When Madden was made President of Fox TV Studios in 2010, he created strategic plans to elevate the studio’s product. 20th Century Fox execs could not be more confident and happy to have David at the helm of FTVS, as he encourages show creators to take big risks which lead to exceptional programming. His leadership and vision is what has allowed the studio to excel the way it has. The cable-focused projects it has churned out are some of the most talked about hits such as “The Killing”, “The Americans”, “Burn Notice” and many more. With such a robust library of successful, money-making hits, David Madden is an invaluable resource to the Entertainment Industry and a gift to have speaking at the Columbia College Hollywood Campus!

All CCH students are encouraged to attend, as learning about all areas of entertainment study is crucial for a student’s overall growth. Guest speaker Q & A’s are a great way for students to connect to their industry mentors. CCH focuses on industry leaders who are actively working on projects that are not only relevant to the current culture, but who have also made huge impacts in their designated fields.

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