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CCH Alumna Brings Great Honor with Tatara Samurai

Columbia College Hollywood loves to hear about Alumni activity, especially when they are involved in big events or projects. CCH Alumni, Shoko Watanabe graduated in 2010 obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Editing. Shoko recently worked as a producer on an upcoming Japanese film titled, Tatara Samurai.

The film premiered at the Egyptian theatre on May 8th with a full reception along with some of the costumes from the film. The film is critically acclaimed and has won best picture at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival and Cinema on the Bayou Festival. It has also recieved Best Artistic Contribution at the Montreal World Film Festival, as well as a number of other awards for acting and cinematography.

Tatara Samurai takes place during the Sengoku Period (1467-1603) in Japan which was a great time of upheaval and political strife in the country. The main character, Gosuke is a young boy that was born in a village that specialized in forging steel in the traditional practice known as Tatara. Gosuke is predestined to be a grand master of steel, but is halted when the current master of the village is slain. Gosuke decides to forego his destiny to become a samurai to protect his village. Facing his first battle, he loses control and runs away from his post. Fighting shame and guilt, he begins to lose faith he will be able to protect his beloved village. He is aided by a new found friend named Yohei, who is helpful but has ulterior motives.

He returns to the warm arms of his village and regains his confidence and strength. Gosuke helps his village arm themselves with the help of Tatara steel, defeating Yohei’s sinister plot and bringing his village back to peace so that he can once again become a master forging Tatara Steel.

Shoko is currently working as a producer LDH. LDH is a production company that handles a wide assortment of art, music and media production. You can see Tatara Samurai at the Ahyra Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills on June 2nd.

Columbia College Hollywood congratulates Shoko on her success and we know that this is just the beginning of a long and amazing career. CCH encourages students to take every opportunity both during school and after graduation.

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