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California Living: CCH Housing Options


When I was first starting college, something I never really considered was my living situation. I didn’t really ask myself where I was going to be living, how I’d be living, or who I would be living with. There was so much else going on that it didn’t really seem all that important.

But to be honest, it is. Maybe not as important as what classes you will be taking or what major you will be aiming for, but important nonetheless. Your living situation can have a huge impact on your college career. You will want to think about carefully.

Now, I can’t help you figure out the how or the who, but I can help you a little bit with the where.

At Columbia College Hollywood, students aren’t required to live in student housing, but I would recommend it. No one is in love with the idea of living in a dorm room or a tiny apartment, but student housing gives students the opportunity to make friends, develop connections, and grow in a community that shares similar goals.

CCH offers a couple of different options for student housing

1. Meridian Pointe – Dorm-Style Living

Meridian Pointe is about five miles from CCH across the street from California State University Northridge. With a massive student community (34,000 individuals) the close proximity to CSUN allows Meridian Pointe Residents to experience some of the cultural aspects of a big University while attending a smaller college. In addition to that perk, Meridian includes a fitness center, swimming pool with jacuzzi, study rooms, game room, and screening room.

2. Oakwood – Apartment-Style Living

Oakwood is also about five miles from CCH, and offers complimentary shuttle services to the college. The residential housing community is located near many restaurants and businesses which make it the perfect place to live if you like to be out and about. The community also offers a business center, fitness center, swimming pool and spa.

What are your other options?

If you don’t think student housing is for you, that’s totally fine. CCH is located in heavily populated area, so all kinds of housing options are available to you. There is an abundance of apartment buildings and complexes nearby, as well as houses for rent. And if you don’t know where to start, we have a few search options for you through and Zillow.

Does California Livin’ sound right for you? Download our Application Checklist below and get started planning your life on the West Coast

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