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CCH’s Graduation Plan: Outlining The Plot of Your College Career

Written By CCH Staff on JUNE 28, 2016

 I would be willing to bet, that like most people, you don’t want to know the entire plot of a movie and all the twists and turns the plot takes before you even set foot in a theater or press play. I would also be willing to bet that when it comes to knowing what courses you need to take to complete your college degree, you don’t want to have that same sense of mystery. You want the courses (or the plot of your college career, shall we say)laid out and all the information known. Read on to find out what the plot of your college career at CCH might look like.

General Education Courses

All of our students are required to take 48 credits (or units as we call them here at CCH) of General Education classes, whether you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or an associates degree. These units include:

  • 8-12 units of Natural Sciences
  • 8-12 units of Behavioral or Social Sciences
  • 24-32 units of Humanities and English

To put it in perspective, if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree this is 1/4 of your classes and 1/2 if you are pursuing an associate’s degree. Which means that most of your time is spent in classes about your real passion, film.

Tiered Courses

Just like our General Education classes our Core Curriculum (or tiered courses) are required for all CCH students. Our tier classes are focused on the basics every film and video maker must know. There are 3 different tiers of courses that you move through on your CCH journey.

  • Tier 1 courses give a little taste of every aspect of the film industry, from acting to cinematography to screen writing.
  • Tier 2 courses immerse you in the world of directing.
  • Tier 3 courses are a series of production workshops.

There is also non-tier core requirement of 3 courses in motion picture history, because you can’t truly understand where the industry is going until you understand where it has been.

Major Courses

This is where the plot lines take different paths depending on if you are pursuing an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. If you take the associate’s degree path, you will finish your CCH journey with an Associate’s of Fine Arts in Cinema & Television. If you take the bachelor’s degree path, you will finish the CCH journey with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, a major in either Cinemaor Cinema & Television and an emphasis in one of the following:

Now that you know a little more about the plot line of a CCH degree, are you interested in applying? Download our Free Application Checklist. It will tell you documents you need to have and steps you need to take to get the ball rolling with the application process.

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