AP Courses Really DO Prepare You for Film School!

Throughout your high school career you have probably heard parents, teachers and counselors expound upon the benefits of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Some of those benefits probably included:

  • They look good on college applications.
  • They will set you apart from your peers.
  • They will help you earn college credits while still in high school.

And while all of those things are probably quite important to you, their declarations might have left you thinking, “Ok, so AP Biology and AP History will help me fulfill some of my film school gen eds, but how will they help me with my actual film course work?” Read on to find out!

Why AP courses?

  1. The critical thinking and problem solving skills that AP courses teach build a solid foundation for success in film school and in your professional career.
  2. Courses like English, History and Psychology, require you to effectively express yourself through writing, a must for students headed to film school. Many film school applications and courses are very writing intensive, so it’s never too early to start practicing those skills at a high level.
  3. They expose you to college-level course work while still in high school. AP courses can help improve your study skills and time management skills, both of which are helpful when trying to balance all that undergrad life throws at you.
  4. Since AP courses cover such a wide variety of subject areas, broadening your horizons, exposure to a wide variety of subjects and ways of thinking can help make you a more well rounded person. Which is very helpful in the film industry where having a unique perspective can give you a leg up on the competition.

Taking AP courses is just one way of preparing for film school. Another is gaining a better understanding of what goes into the application process, from creating a portfolio to writing a personal statement. Learn more about the film school application process by downloading our quick and easy Free Application Checklist.

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