Anti-discrimination Stance

For 68 years, California College of ASU has been educating aspiring artists in visual storytelling, helping thousands of students in pursuing their creative dreams. Never has our role as educators been as important and relevant as it is today.

Our campus has created a diversity inclusion task force whose sole objective is to address these disparities and find actionable outcomes that can be seen, heard, and felt across all facets of our campus environment. A few examples include: course curriculum review and overhaul, modified hiring practices that invite more opportunities for under-represented communities, training initiatives that mandate respect, events that celebrate and bring awareness to our unique differences, and instilling a culture where people of color are seen as leaders within our college.

At CCA, we believe it is important to take a stand by demonstrating our willingness to promote and inspire systemic change. We must speak honestly and truthfully to the ugliness of racism that permeates throughout our society today. It may be an uncomfortable conversation for some, but it is an all-too familiar reality for anyone living in this country with black or brown skin. Hiding from it, ignoring it, or being silent about it will not make it go away.

We need to address it head-on, marching proudly alongside those that have been pushed down by the oppressive hands of bigotry and hate. This starts with a conversation, a meaningful discussion of vulnerability to understand the raw experience of those who have lived with discrimination each and every day. While this narrative exchange is vital to our evolutionary process, it is only the beginning.

Because for us this movement DOES matter. It is a living, breathing example of the values we hope to impart as an awakened institution of higher learning for present day and future generations. We invite you to share your stories, and be a part of our microcosmic shift toward a more civil and just world.

The murder of George Floyd is yet another example of the need to openly state that Black Lives Matter. Considering the disproportionate amount of police violence and poverty that impact the Black community and other communities of color, it is clear that we are in a state of emergency. This crisis defies the principles on which our nation is supposed to stand. We will not waver. We will be part of the solution.