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On October 14th and 15th, Columbia College Hollywood showcased their 2016 Film Festival. With over 350 people in attendance, this year’s festival proved to be a HUGE success. The festival not only showcased work from alumni and current students, but CCH also presented numerous speaking panels, moderated speaking panels and exhibitors by various industry professionals. Saturday kicked off with Keynote speaker and producing powerhouse – Stephen J. Wolfe.

CCH would like to congratulate the award-winners and nominees from this year’s festival:

Best Narrative Short


Nobody’s looking: Director/Screenwriter: Jon Walkup & Ken Beckerdite – Dir. of  Photography: Chad Narducci – Producer: Richard Eggly and Seye Ogunnaike

In a world where literally nobody can look up from their smart phone, one man accidentally drops his phone in the toilet.


Champagne – 12m Director/Screenwriter: Peter Zaragoza & Jeremie Porcin – DP: Pratham Metha – Producer: Andrew Soulis


Two stranded American soldiers decide the fate of a German captor.

Echo – 20m – Director/Screenwriter: Ruben Pallan – Producer: Steven Biton & Ethan Bergeron DP: Athit Naik


An aspiring singer, Adam tries to come up with a song that can showcase his talents; unknowing that will show more of him than expected.


Live Alone – 8m – Director/Screenwriter: Zac Morris – DP: Olaya Velez


A passionate but lonely social media photographer moves into her own apartment and experiences the psychological horrors of monophobia: the fear of being alone.

Great Responsibility – 26m – Director/Screenwriter: A.J. Hart – Producer/VFX/DP: Blake Raya Welcome to Later Taylor’s new YouTube channel!


To start things off with a quality launch, Taylor wants to read some fan mail from his loving audience. Unfortunately for him, things start to “heat up” in his life.

Decades Apart – 20m Director/Screenwriter: Ryan Brennan – DP/Editor: Chad Narducci


Robert Thompson seeks a life of normality, but his attraction to children leads him down a dangerous path. Producer and CCH faculty member John Morrissey (American History X) praised this short stating, “Decades Apart” takes a provocatively empathetic look at a controversial subject and handles it with sensitive care. It’s a bold film, both gentle and shocking, and it enables us to look more closely at a subject from which we normally turn away.”

Best Music Video


Childish Gambino – 4m – Director: Seye Ogunnaike – Producer: Samuel Chavles – DP: Chad Narducci
When a young man who is well known to upload fights and other violent incidents onto the internet becomes part of a violent incident himself, his life gets flipped upside down.


Karma – 4m – Director: Jeff Reyes – Producer: Jacov Bresler – Editor: Winston Moore
Karma’s a BITCH.

Best New Media


 Jon and Ken: A Webseries – 6m – Director/Screenwriter: John Walkup & Kenneth Beckerdite


The story of two emotionally unavailable friends who live in the same apartment.


Life as A Mermaid – 20m – Director – Alex Miller- DP: Chad Narducci – Producer: Validus Productions


While Madison, the mermaid continues her adventures in the human world, three unlikely villains plot to capture her to make a fortune. Stay tuned for more details, pictures and clips from this year’s film festival!


Stay tuned for more details, pictures and clips from this year’s film festival!

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