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And…Action! How do I Academically Prepare for Film School?

College preparation
. It’s a phrase that most people between the ages of 14 and 18 hear on a regular basis. But often times, it’s in reference to how to prepare for post-high school education at a more traditional university and not a more specialized education like film school.

When it comes to academic preparationfilm schools have different areas that they recommend focusing on, read on to find out a few of them.

AP Classes, They’re Not Just for Traditional Universities

Just like traditional universities, many film schools recommend taking AP (Advanced Placement) classes to try and get some of your general education classes (like Math and English) out of the way before you even set foot on campus. Completing these classes ahead of time will give you even more of a chance to dive right into the classes on your favorite subject matter, film.

Learn to Express Yourself…Through Writing

It is crucial that students interested in pursuing a career in the film industry are able to effectively communicate and express themselves through writing. Taking as many English and creative writing classes as you can will be very beneficial since writing, vocabulary, and reading comprehension are a huge part of film school.

Most schools require a personal, written statement of your educational and professional goals as a part of the application process. The writing doesn’t stop once you are accepted to film school, many schools have a curriculum that is very writing intensive.

And of Course…

Take as many classes as you can that pertain to the film industry!

Does your school offer a film analysis class? Take it! Classes like these will prepare you to analyze films on the deeper level that is required in film school.

How about video production? Take it! Many schools (CCH included) like applicants to have a film reel or portfolio that they can view during the application process. These classes can be great places to begin to build your portfolio and learn the basics of video production in a more formal setting than just making backyard films with your friends. Although don’t get us wrong, those are amazing as well.

Or what about acting or theater arts classes? Take them! Get in front of the camera, so to speak. Acting classes can help broaden your horizons and give you a deeper understanding of a different aspect of the film industry.

If your school doesn’t offer courses in these types of subjects, check out your local community college or attend summer workshops geared towards high school students.

As you can see, preparing for film school isn’t just about honing your technical video production skills. It is also about making sure that you have a solid, well rounded academic background that will serve as a solid foundation for your college career.

Want to learn more about the steps you need to take to have a smooth film school application process? Download our Free Application Checklist!

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