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7 Things to Ask When Visiting Film School

Choosing the film school that is the best fit for you isn’t the easiest task to accomplish. Even when you’ve narrowed down your choices to 3 or 4 colleges, how do you know which one to pick? Well, there is no easy way to decide, but asking questions about a college can be a big help.

Ask these seven questions when touring a film school campus to see if it is the right fit for you! 

1. What kind of production studios do you have?

This question is huge when deciding on a film school. How can you get a quality education without the right facilities? Well, you can’t, so when touring a campus make sure you know where you will be able to film, edit, and screen your creations.

Our Answer:

At CCH we offer a variety of preproduction, production, and post-production facilities, including computer stations equipped with budgeting, scheduling, and screenwriting software, a film soundstage, a television soundstage (with green screen), a make-up and wardrobe room, and multiple private editing suites and screening facilities.

2. What kind of equipment is available to students?

It can be easy to get caught up in a busy, beautiful campus, but you have to remember why you are on the campus in the first place. You don’t want to end up choosing a college based on the pizza places that are nearby. You are going to film school to learn about some aspect of the film industry, and you deserve to have the best equipment at your fingertips. So make sure you are familiar with the latest and greatest, and ask about the equipment you’ll be using (and how often you’ll be using it).

Our Answer:

CCH was the first college to own the Red One MX Camera Package with the Mysterium-X4.5K sensor chip. We pride ourselves on our professional grade equipment and the amount of use it gets. We believe in hands-on learning and students can’t get it without the industry’s best gear.

3. How large are your classes?

Class size is something that is often overlooked, being less “dazzling” than things like the size of a dorm room, or how many food options the cafeteria has; nonetheless, when checking out a college’s classrooms or lecture halls, make sure you ask about classroom size. The facilities, the equipment, the food options, none of that will matter if you don’t have an instructor that cares. You need a mentor who is going to be able to give you the attention you need to thrive. And a mentor can’t do that with a 300 person class.

Our Answer:

At CCH the student to teacher ratio is 11:1. That’s right, there is 1 instructor for every 11 students on campus. You would be hard pressed to find a teacher who didn’t take a personal interest in you and your classmates. Our hands-on learning wouldn’t be very effective if we didn’t have instructors who are there to help you every step of the way.

4. Can I do an internship right away?

Having an internship is definitely important. It guarantees that you will make connections and have a foot in the door in some aspect of the industry. If you want to jump in and get experience right away, this is a good question to ask. You do not want your ambitions to be limited by some rule a school has.

Our Answer:

We allow students to have internships even as Freshman. If you want to increase your experience, go for it! However, in order to get class credit for an internship you must be a Sophomore. We believe this pushes students to explore their own style a little bit more before jumping into action. And it doesn’t hurt to take it easy your first year and really experience college!

5. What is there to do on campus?

Student life is a pretty important aspect of college. It shouldn’t necessarily be the reason you make your decision, but you don’t want to be trapped in some boring small town with nothing to do for four years. You should be able to relax when you have the time, and experience whatever city you plump down in.

Our Answer:

CCH is located in the Tarzana District of Los Angeles, California. When students have free time they can visit Laguna Beach, or one of the Getty Center’s art collections, and there isn’t a better place to experience film than in the epicenter of the film industry!

6. What housing options do you have?

Where you’re going to live might be more important than you realize. Are you going to be stuck in a tiny dorm room for your first 3 years? Are there apartment options on campus? Can you live off campus as a Freshman or Sophomore? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, things can get pretty stressful later on in your college career. Some colleges have strange policies about housing, and you don’t want to be forced to live somewhere because of some weird rule. So figure out what housing options your college of interest has sooner rather than later.

Our Answer

CCH offer’s fully furnished dorm and apartment style housing for students who want to live on campus. If you wish to live off campus, we allow students at any credit level to do so, and there are plenty of nearby housing communities including Oakwood, Terraces on the Boulevard, and Meridian Pointe.

7. Do you have a meal plan?

Alright, Alright, I know I mocked food options earlier, but let’s be honest, food is important. What are you going to be eating and when? is there a meal plan that is right for you? Will it cost you a bundle to pay for a meal plan?

Our Answer

CCH doesn’t include meal plans in its housing options; instead, each room we offer comes equipped with either a mini-kitchen or a full kitchen. Why pay for an overpriced meal plan, when you can cook whatever you want in your own room!

Choosing the college that is right for you is unbelievably hard. You might have a million different questions to ask; you might not know what questions to ask. If this list has helped you great, that’s why we made it. But if it hasn’t, try making your own list. Think about what is most important to you in a school and brainstorm some questions you might ask to highlight your needs. We can’t guarantee that all of our questions will be exactly what you are looking for, but we can guarantee that all of your questions will be.

If you liked our answers to these questions, figure out the answer to one more by downloading our Free Application Checklist. The checklist will provide you with all of our application requirements and walk you through the whole admissions process step-by-step.

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