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4 Things to Consider if You Want to Go to Film School

Do you love movies? Could you spend hours browsing Netfilx and then find yourself wanting to watch every title they have? Or do you read information about films, actors and directors the way some people read Facebook posts (meaning all of the time)?

Then odds are the idea of attending film school has crossed your mind. If film school is something you are really interested in pursuing take a few minutes to consider these 4 things.

1. What do you want to study?

Just because you go to film school doesn’t mean that you are limited to studying cinematography. You can also go to film school and study producing, acting, screenwriting and editing/special effects.

Having a variety of programs to choose from can help you pick a path that is in line with your interests and what you want to do in the future. Whether you want to be the next big director or write an award winning screenplay, choose a school that will help you achieve those goals.

2. Bachelor’s or Associate’s?

Do you want to pursue a 2-year associate’s degree or a 4-year bachelor’s degree? This decision all depends on what you want to study and what type of job you want to have after you graduate.

Associate’s degrees in the film sphere tend to be focused on more general topics, like Cinema and Television. Some jobs like:

  • Production Assistant
  • Assistant Producer
  • Assistant Director

Only require an associate’s degree.

Bachelor’s degrees in the film sphere allow you to dive deeper into a specific area like directingediting or visual effects.

3. Will the school give you enough hands-on experience?

All film schools are NOT created equal. Some schools and programs place more of an emphasis on production and hands-on experience, while others take a more traditional academic approach to film study. They have more lectures and classes about aesthetics and film history.

So, if you want to get down in the trenches and start practicing your craft ASAP, make sure you choose a school that will allow you to get some hands-on training.

4. Does the school have a solid alumni network and good job placement?

This is probably the most important question since it relates to putting your degree to use and turning your passion into a career. Choose a school that has:

  1. A solid network of alumni who are willing to give back and help current students .
  2. A career services department commited to helping students find internships and jobs and a network with industry professionals.

Now that you know a little bit more about choosing a film school that will be a good fit, find out what goes into the application process. Download our Free Application Checklist for some helpful tips to make your application process a bit smoother.

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