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4 Reasons You NEED to Visit a College Campus

Whether you live 5 or 5,000 miles away from a college campus, visiting is always a good idea. A webpage can only tell you so much. If you want to see what a college is really like, you need to visit it. Don’t believe me? Below are 4 things you can accomplish by visiting the campus of a college you are interested in.

1. Find the “Feel”

It might sound a little romantic, but let’s face it, most places have a “feel” to them. I guarantee there will be campuses you walk onto and immediately fall in love with and I guarantee there will be campuses where, during your first step, you decide the school isn’t for you.

A college and its campus should fit you. When you visit a campus you get to answer questions like: Do I feel welcome? Is this an environment I can see myself learning and growing in? Is this place right for me?

The odds are that you will be spending four years of your life in this place. You should love (or at least like) your surroundings.


2. See First Hand the Campus, its Facilities, and Equipment

No matter what images you’ve seen or descriptions you’ve read, nothing can compare to seeing the real campus, facilities, and equipment of a college. You don’t want to make your college decision based on website photography.

When you visit a college campus you get to roam the streets of the campus, walk through the halls of the academic buildings, and hold equipment you will actually use. You get to stand in the classrooms where you’ll be taught, visit the dorms you’ll live in, and see the dining hall where you’ll eat. You get to see everything for yourself! And nothing beats first-hand experience.


3. Ask Any Questions You Have

Unless you are deciding to go rogue and wander around every campus on your own, you will probably be a part of a tour group and have a tour guide. In addition to taking you through important facilities, a tour guide’s job is to answer any questions you may have. And because most tour guides are current students, they are familiar with your questions and know how to answer them. The tour will most likely provoke new questions in you, on things you didn’t even know you cared about.


4. Meet Current Students and Staff

In addition to your student tour guide, you may have additional opportunities to interact with current students and get an indiscriminate opinion on the college. No one understands a college better than the students who attend it, and they should be able to provide you with insights and experiences that can help you decide if the college is right for you.

You will also most likely run into a few faculty members (if this interests you, you may want to schedule a meeting with a specific member). As the primary purpose of attending college is to educate yourself, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the school’s philosophy on teaching. Ask questions about how normal classes flow. See if you agree with the teaching methods employed. Ask how accomodating teachers are. All of these questions will help you discover if this college is right for you.

All in all, going on a campus visit is a great way to narrow down your college options. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, and you shouldn’t commit to a college before seeing it with your own eyes (in person).

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